MSc Programme Office

MSc Programme Office

The MSc Programme Office (located in P3-02 of the Graduate House) provides administrative support to the Programme Director and takes care of all student matters, such as admission, enrolment, examination, student records and enquiries. It is also responsible for the evaluation, development and overall management of the programme.

MSc Programme Office

Student Lounge

Student Lounge

The student lounge at P2-07 of Graduate House is open to all students of MSc(ECom&IComp), MSc(CompSc) and MSc(FTDA). Our lounge is primarily designed for students for self-studying and group discussion in a relaxed and casual manner. Some computer workstations and printers services are also available.

ITS, Moodle and Panopto

Information Technology Services of the University

Information Technology Services (ITS) provides comprehensive information technology services with a state-of-the-art IT environment to support teaching, learning, research and administration of the University.  All postgraduate students are pre-assigned email accounts at the time of their initial registration with the University.  Students are also provided with a free HKU Portal account which they can use to gain access to the campus network and Internet from home through commercial ISPs and their VPN.  The students' email accounts and the HKU Portal accounts will remain valid until they leave the University.

ITS Website

Chi Wah Learning Commons

Learning Commons

The Learning Commons is a campus hub equipped with modern learning facilities that encourages and facilitates individual and group study.

Chi Wah Learning Commons is located at the podium levels of the University’s new Centennial Campus.  The facility, which spreads over three levels, is a technology-rich, shared or common space in which students, faculty members and others can come together to interact, and participate in various kinds of activities held there. 

Other Learning Commons includes The Curve at the first and second floors of K.K. Leung Building.

A variety of spaces are provided for individual and self-paced learning in the Learning Commons.  These include quiet study areas, reading and lounging areas and individual workstations.  Collaborative learning spaces are provided in the form of group study rooms with more traditionally styled work tables as well as diner booth style places that are well suited to group interactivity.

Moodle and Panopto

The University has introduced a learning platform called Moodle with the Panopto recording and broadcasting system for all students on the University Portal.  You, if enrolled, will be using that system during the study of a course to interact with fellow students, faculty members, and to listen to recorded lectures.


Panopto Recorder

Student / Alumni Associations

Postgraduate Student Association (PGSA)

The Postgraduate Student Association is an organisation run by, and for, postgraduate students and was formed in late 1993. The Association aims to enhance postgraduate life at HKU by encouraging postgraduate to take an active interest in their welfare and in participating in academic and social events. It holds regular activities such as Sports Days, parties, group outings and trips, lectures of special interest to postgraduates and film shows. These activities aim to bring the postgraduate population closer together in extra-curricular social settings.


HKUCS Alumni Association

The HKU Computer Science Alumni Association was established by the graduates of the Department of Computer Science. The alumni aims to promote the relationship and better understanding amongst graduates, students, and staff members of the Department of Computer Science. The Alumni Association membership is free. After joining the Alumni Association, a member can enjoy the free services include a mailbox and subscription to class mailing list.


Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA)

Chinese Students and Scholars Association ( is formed by mainland students in the University of Hong Kong for more than ten years ago.  It provides platforms for mainland students and scholars to exchange and share information about their lives in Hong Kong.  And various activities are organized for members to develop their comprehensive qualities.

Research groups and centers

In our Department, our faculty are actively engaged in research; some, in fact, are internationally renowned in their areas of expertise. In many cases, the products of this department’s research have particular relevance for Hong Kong, representing valuable contributions to our local IT industry as well as to the broader research community. Research activities are clustered into research groups which represent the department’s particular areas of strength.  The work of the groups is generally supported by state-of-the-art research laboratories and involve many of our postgraduate students.

The following are the existing research groups and centers in the department:

Bioinformatics Algorithms Research Laboratory
Center for Information Security and Cryptography (CISC)
Computer Graphics Laboratory
Computer Networks Laboratory
Computer Vision Laboratory
High-Performance Computing Laboratory
Law and Technology Centre
Systems and Networking Research Laboratory

Our students are encouraged to attend talks and seminars hosted by these centres to expand their horizons.


Other University Services


The University of Hong Kong Libraries consist of the Main Library and six branch libraries. Students may take advantage of the huge library collections in The University of Hong Kong. The Libraries have a total stock of over 3.1 million printed volumes, while there are also substantial holdings of audio-visual items and materials in microform. An expanding collection of electronic information resources that comprises an all-rounded collection of materials in the arts, humanities, architecture, social sciences, and science and technology, giving vital support to teaching and research in the University.

Main Library

Car Park at Centennial Campus

Parking on campus

Hourly charged car parking spaces on campus are available to all students. Details can be found at:

Centre for Sports and Exercise

The Centre for Sports and Exercise administers all the sports facilities of the University. These facilities include the Flora Ho and Lindsay Ride Sports Centres (indoor sports gymnasia), the Stanley Smith Swimming Pool, the Stanley Ho Sports Centre (outdoor sports and athletics stadium), the Henry Fok Swimming Pool and tennis courts at High West, Eliot Filter Beds and Robert Black College.

Our students can enjoy the sports facilities by using their student card. Whether you want to exercise to keep fit, play team sports, swim, or enjoy a sun bath, etc., you can have it all there.

Centre for Sports and Exercise Website